About Us

Welcome to Lochrain Candles website. Thank you so much for visiting us and I hope that you enjoy learning more about us.

Lochrain is Gaelic for Beacons or Lanterns and we aim to create the very highest quality of candles for you to enjoy. We use the finest ingredients and our recipes are designed to produce candles that gently envelop you with luxury. We use soy wax in our products:  it’s non-toxic and it burns cleaner than paraffin candles. This creates a far better eco-friendly experience for you.  

At Lochrain Candles we work in partnership with our experts in ancient Chinese aromatherapy techniques and use essential oils and botanicals to ensure that you have the most luxurious experience possible. We make sure we produce these candles at the perfect scent level to fill your rooms with a therapeutic aroma. The natural plant extracts used to make your Lochrain Candles are carefully selected to promote your health and well-being. They allow you to be transported to a new, more relaxing place, where the health of the body, mind, and spirit is improved.

With no animal products used, our candle sets are the perfect vegan gifts. And with no plastics in the candles or packaging, the brushed cotton pouches, and wooden presentation box is designed to be reused or recycled.

Lochrain Candles are made from Soy Wax

HUGE benefits to your world

Most ordinary candles are made from Paraffin Wax which comes from fossil fuels.

Cheaper for you

Because the wax burn slower it means that you don't replace them as quickly so they save you money and reduce your use of resources. And because they burn at a lower temperature it is safer for you and your family.

Cleaner for you and your home

Lochrain Candles burn cleaner than paraffin wax candles so there is very little soot produced