5 Reasons Why eGift Card Is The Better Christmas Gift Idea

With quarantine restrictions fluctuating every now and then, getting to places and meeting people for the holidays remain a challenge. It's the best time of the year, and we absolutely agree! But let's be real, sometimes, it also costs us our sanity, admit it or not! Preparing food or selecting gifts, for instance.

Good thing that today, we can access almost anything through online shopping! Now, the only concern probably lingering at the back of your mind is that... will my order make it in time? After all, it's becoming quite busy with the holiday rush as it's only 14 days before Christmas! So, have you completed your Christmas shopping yet?

If you have yet to finalize everything, then, sit back and relax. Send them an eGift card instead! And let us tell you 5 Reasons Why an eGift Card is simply the Better Christmas Gift Idea!

#1 You're Giving the Gift of Freedom to Choose

Giving an eGift card is flexible and if the person you're gifting this to isn't a frequent shopper, then a gift that encourages them to choose an item they like is a sure nice experience he/she will enjoy.

#2 Thoughtful and Graceful

eGift card is like giving cash but in a rather thoughtful and graceful manner. Not that cash is not a great gift, lots of people actually do prefer that best but isn't it nice that, with an eGift card, it's not completely effortless because you pre-selected a category for them to explore?

#3 Simple yet Charming Gift Presentation

With an eGift card, there's no need for bloody gift wrapping, which means there's no need to buy wrappers and if you got no time, then it's just absolutely easy. These are well-designed and automatically personalized to your specification when you buy them!

#4 Flexible Offers

Most, if not all, eGift cards come with at least a year-long validity or at best, no expiration date at all! This means that your recipient can use it at a later time when he/she needs a product best, preserving its freshness and allowing perfect timing for him/her to use it as intended.

#5 Convenient and Budget-friendly

If we haven't emphasized enough, there's just massive convenience for you and the recipient of your eGift card! You don't need to go through the extra trouble of delivering your gift, say, quarantine restrictions are enforced yet again. Plus, you stay on budget as you can choose among the amount options available for your eGift card!

At Lochrain Candles, we make sure you and the one you're giving your gift have only the best experience this Christmas. So go ahead, get your loved ones the Lochrain Candle eGift Card!

Happy Holidays!

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