5 Reasons Why Your Next Candle Should Be Made of Soy Wax

5 Reasons Why Your Next Candle Should Be Made of Soy Wax

Peaceful ambiance, intimate atmosphere, and relief are just few of the things why we love candles for. The act of burning a candle itself is such an intimate one that allows us to breathe calmness and mindfulness. While we enjoy these benefits of lighting a candle, it is also essential that we know what candle we should purchase.

With a variety of candles out there, here we talk about the common wax materials, paraffin and soy and why soy is best for you and [for the world perhaps].

  1. Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Soy wax is made from soybean oil. Soybean oil is separated from the solid components, then it goes through hydrogenation whereby oils are solidified to produce soy wax. This wax is all natural. Soybeans being its source, we could attest to its sustainability. With increase demand for soy wax, a huge support is given to the soybean farmers. Not only this wax is purely vegan but environmentally efficient as well.

Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, consisting hydrocarbon molecules. Crude oil undergoes through a de-waxing process to produce paraffin wax. Crude oil is unsustainable as it is a non-renewable resource. Being that, it adds pollution via oil spills and processes for extracting petroleum.

  1. Health benefits

Soy wax is a vegetable wax and is non-toxic. With soy wax, we ensure that our air quality is not compromised. Burning paraffin wax on the other hand, in a study by North Carolina State University, gives off harmful fumes which is linked to asthma and cancer.

  1. Clean Burn

Soy wax has a cleaner burn than paraffin wax. Both soy and paraffin wax emit soot but paraffin emits a darker one since it is petroleum-based. Soot results from an incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels. This dark soot discolors the candle container, walls and curtains. I’m sure we don’t like that.

  1. Burning Time

Burning time has several factors including size of candle, size of wick, melting temperature and additives. Soy wax has a lower melting point which makes it burn at a cooler temperature. It is denser than paraffin which would require more heat to burn it up and it burns evenly. Al things aside, a soy wax would burn longer than paraffin. To maximize burning time of your candles, you should trim the wick down by 1/8 – ¼ inch before relighting it again.

  1. Fragrance

Aromatherapy is one of the biggest reasons for lighting a candle after all. Soy wax, having said that it has a cleaner burn than paraffin, the scent is more pleasant and stronger-smelling. Due to its lower melting point, oils evaporate from a larger surface area releasing more scent into the air. The chemicals released by paraffin wax can interfere during the burning. Candles which use natural plant extracts to achieve perfect scent level are also better such as Lochrain Candles.

It is very much tempting to just purchase any candle in the market out there all the while looking forward for a cozy night at home with a beautiful candle burning or for an occasion that deserves awesome candle lights. Now that we know what it means to have a soy wax candle and a paraffin wax candle, it is great to check that the ones we light are not just satisfying our needs and wants but have a positive impact on our health and that of our loved ones and on our environment as well.

We love to promote health and well-being through candles and at the same time take part in a healthier environment which is why our Lochrain Candles with quality essential oils and botanicals are made of 100% soy wax without the use of animal products and is also plastic-free, very eco-friendly and perfectly vegan. You can have yours here:





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