This week we wanted to blog about fire and how it was controlled by humans in the past. Fire is obviously a key aspect to candles, and there is something wonderfully elemental about it. We can find a flame reassuring and relaxing, but it’s how it is controlled which is important. Without this control fire can be devastating.

Fire can occur naturally, and has been present in life for many millions of years. Ever since the level of oxygen on earth permitted it, fire has been in existence and there is some evidence in fossils that fire was on the earth around 470 million years ago. Around half a million years ago there is some evidence of fire being controlled and used to cook food and was probably also used to provide heat and light, and also to scare off predators. However it wasn’t until around 75 thousand years ago that controlling fire became more widespread.

Since then the control of fire has become more and more skilled, with the first oil lamps being made about 4000BC and the first candles around 500BC. Much of the early fire, as well as being used to cook food and provide heat and light, was used for ceremonial reasons. From this we can imagine that the use of candles for emotional reasons developed.

Nowadays a relaxing bath isn’t complete without candles. A spa wouldn’t be able to create their atmosphere without candles. Candles can give us that feeling of luxury, and that’s what we wanted to help people do. At Lochrain Candles we wanted to give people the opportunity to create their luxury in a way which didn’t cost the earth.

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