All Your Love in One Package – Packed, Signed, & Delivered to Mum!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

On Sunday, March 14th, we celebrate The Woman whose love for us knows no boundaries: Mum.

Mothers, and mother-figures alike, are God-given angels to us. What’s your favourite thing about your mum? Or what’s the first thing the pops in your mind when you think of mum? It’s been a little over the year since our first lockdown, when was the last time you saw her?

With strict social distancing restrictions to this day, a hometown visit to mum may still not be in the options – but if you can, and for as long as it’s safe for you both, do spend real quality time together, of course! If not, a little creativity goes a long way in successfully making Mothers’ Day extra special.

Start with Mum’s favourite things. And then get a lovely hamper, box, or basket to fill in with items that’ll put a huge smile on her face or even better, get her laughing! If you’re sending her things of different categories such as for self-care essentials, food and wine, handwritten notes from you and the kids, and flowers, make sure to organize them! If you yourself enjoy unboxing, then you must share that experience with Mum!

If your mum loves home décor and enjoys relaxing at home, then be sure to include aromatic candles in your love package for her. At Lochrain Candles, we offer beautiful 100% soy wax candles with luscious aromatic fragrances that’ll amazingly recreate your mum’s space to be appear much cozier with a luxurious feel to the overall ambiance. Plus, these candles are both eco-friendly and vegan-friendly so your mum gets only the best! Check our candles here!

Of course, a little sweet treat once in a while won’t hurt, so let your Mum indulge with great wine and dark chocolates and fruits like grapes. If you’d like to order out for a complete meal to be delivered to her door, go for it!

Last but definitely not the least, in fact, perhaps it’s the most meaningful of the bunch: your very own handwritten letter to Mum. If you have family of your own, make sure that the kids participate in it, your mum would love that! You can even go all the way and create a photo album or put everything together in a short video (put old videos from childhood as well) – you might want to contact your relatives for this! Nothing beats seeing you all in action, even though you’re physically apart for now. This will ultimately make your Mum’s day!

Happy Mothers' Day!

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