Building Lochrain Candles

I wanted to blog this week about Lochrain Candles and the way in which we’re looking forwards and developing our brand.

Close up shot of female hands holding a small gift wrapped with pink ribbon. Small gift in the hands of a woman indoor. Shallow depth of field with focus on the little box.

Lochrain Candles represents our passion and our conviction. It is Gaelic for “Beacons” or “torches” and the inspiration for the brand came from a trip we made to an island in the Hebrides, and the small traditional bothy we stayed in for the week. This was a single room building with an outdoor toilet, and no shower or bath. There was a limited electricity supply although there was running water. Cooking was done over a log burning stove and most evenings were spent reading books with the lighting provided by candle light, before stepping outside in to the perfectly black night sky and gazing at the stars (there were no streetlights on the island).

There were only a very few vehicles on the island and because of the distance between bothies we couldn’t even smell their fires so it smelt of nature. Now, this may seem an odd comment, but this was a beautiful scent and one which I had never smelt before. Our noses are quite often bombarded with smells, and it’s quite difficult sometimes for subtle scents to come through and be appreciated. But it smelt very subtly of heathers, of the sea and of grasses. None of this can really be classed as traditional essential oils, and our expert partners in Chinese aromatherapy would not be able to recreate this, but we wouldn’t want them to.

When we were considering the branding of our candles, we thought about what inspired us and what we were passionate about. We remembered our holiday on the Hebridean island and from there was born the name Lochrain Candles. We want to drive our brand of candles and have big plans. We want to give people an outstanding product, and for it to be kind to the world. We are looking to develop a gourmet votive candle set, and also some individual candles of the same size as our gift set of candles, and there may be others in the future too. It would really help us if you could let us know your thoughts on what you would want us to create for you.

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