How are we all doing at the moment?

This question is growing in importance on a daily basis. Many of us are isolated in our homes and living with our families 24 hours a day. Those of us who are going out to work are greatly restricted when they return from that work, and the worry and stress of the potential that we are transmitting Coronavirus to our family is creating a new worry. So we need to ensure that we are doing all we can to look after each ourselves, and each other.

We are permitted to go out once a day for exercise, and we believe that this is vital for both physical and emotional health. When we are back home though we need to ensure that our home environments are as supportive to positive mental health as possible. We need to open up our houses to natural light, we need to have fresh air, and we need to make sure that we’re eating a balanced healthy diet.

We also have the chance to create a luxury at home by playing relaxing music, by enjoying stretching out on the sofa, and by enjoying extras such as Lochrain Candles. Our candles have always had the aim of allowing our customers to create their luxury at home, but now it’s even more important. Our use of natural soy wax and essential oils will also ensure that you’re protecting the health of your family.

Another impact on life right now is our lack of social interaction. We can’t see our friends and family who live apart from us, so it’s now even more important than ever to pick up the phone and call, or facetime / Skype members of our social circles to stay in touch. Lochrain Candles offers a number of ways you can show you are thinking of people – all of our products are available with gift wrapping and with messaging so you can show people you’re thinking of them.

Please keep yourself emotionally and physically healthy just now. Stay at home if you can and look after yourself and your family.

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