How to Gain Self-Control Through Forming Relaxation Habits

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Self-control is important. If you lose it, life may fall apart and depression might follow. Stress causes depression so you need to learn how to relieve some of it.

Now, not all stress is bad, but be wary of the overwhelming stress for it's the kind you'd want to reduce to make your life better. Take over and do something to change your life for the happier and healthier you!

Exercise can help make you look & feel better while also relieving stress.

It's good for blood pressure while helping prevent diabetes, fight heart disease, and relieve some stress off your shoulders. It makes you fit physically and mentally with more energy to keep up with the daily routine of life. Don't quit once you have started an exercise program! Keep going at it!

Practice yoga. Start with yoga videos available online!

Yoga is a relaxation exercise that helps relieve stress and it teaches you how to relax and loosen up those tight muscles. Mediation comes with yoga practice, too! Learning how to get the results from meditation takes a few weeks to see the benefits, but those around you will notice first. Remember, breathing is important! Remember to draw air in and out slowly to make it more effective.

Take time-out for yourself every day & do something you actually enjoy!

Get a new book to read. Reading is educational as well as stress-free. Pick a time when there is no one around, and get a light novel or even a magazine, if you'd like.

Writing a daily journal during your time-out is another good way to relieve stress and tension. Make a point every day to pick up a pen and start putting your feelings for the day on paper. Once you have completed how you feel, read what you wrote. By reading it, you can then put it in more perspective or maybe find it different to you than it did while you were writing it earlier.

Make it a wellness ritual.

Learning how to relax and take control of yourself is important. You’ll not only feel better but your health will improve as well as in doing so, you help keep your blood pressure at a normal level, your sugar level will start to balance out, and yoga helps with high cholesterol and heart disease too.

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You need to stay healthy and being in control of the stress, with a regular time-out program for you, is a good start for not only you but your family too. Take care!

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