It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

So are your Christmas decorations up? Have you started your holiday shopping? Starting your Christmas holiday routines already? We hope everything is going well so far! At this time of year the weather is getting a bit grotty so we’re looking for ways to brighten things up.

What a perfect time for us to be bringing some brand new products to the market. We’re so so SO excited that we have some Gourmet Soy Wax Votives about to launch, and also we’re glad to be able to supply individual candles now in a stunning range of scents.

The individual candles came out because quite a few people wanted to buy a candle for themselves, rather than buy the full gift set. While we were developing the candles however we realized that it was a great opportunity to have more scents. So that’s why we added Norwegian Forest, Oriental Amber, Lush Figwood and Fresh Cotton. They’re wonderful scents, and we’re really pleased with them.

The other thing we’re really pleased about too is that we’re able to distribute them throughout Europe, the UAE, Singapore and Australia so plenty of people around the world will be able to enjoy the scents.

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