Lochrain Candles – we often get asked where our name comes from…

Our brand of candles is named after our true Gaelic passion. Even though Antonine Supplies Ltd is a company registered in England, we are based in the Central Belt of Scotland and we are passionate about our country and its nature. Lòchrain or lòchran is Gaelic for torch, or beacon, so for example lòchran-stoirme is Gaelic for Storm Lamp. Also Lochranza is one of our favourite villages on one of our favourite islands.

When we were developing Lochrain Candles we were looking at a variety of different brandings, and I was looking out of our window. It was a somewhat typically grey Scottish day and it was raining. The rain was forming trails on the glass and through this glass I was watching light bouncing around from a torch outside. That is when Lochrain Candles was born.

Now, I am aware that I have missed off an accent from the “o” and also there is some discussion to be had about my spelling – the extra “i” could change the translation to “pond”. However I feel that I do not need to be entirely literal here. I want to reference the Gaelic passions of the brand and to where it was born, rather than be a scholar of the Gaelic language. For me it doesn’t matter – what matters is the emotion of the Celtic spirit, mixed with the warmth which comes from burning our products. And if anyone has not yet experienced this, I invite you to travel to one of the small islands off the west coast of Scotland, and stay in a bothy. Cook over a real fire or on a real stove and light your bothy with Lochrain Candles. Sit back with a glass of whisky and relax and you too will learn to feel the spirit and passion of Lochrain Candles.

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