Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze. That was one of the scents which we were looking to develop however one which we decided in the end not to use. It would have been a scent with Ozone, Honeydew Melon, Violet and Citrus and in the right situation it would have been perfect. In the end we opted not to use it because, quite frankly, for our first product we wanted to be sure we were catering for as wide an audience as possible, so as many people as possible could enjoy our product. But our hearts call out to the Sea on a elemental, humanistic level so maybe we’ll introduce that scent.

What is it about the sea which is so attractive to humans? Is it the way that the natural world is inherently more relaxing for us? The moon is the thing that is responsible for tides, the wind for the crashing waves… it’s all very elemental. We are natural beings and if we are surrounded by noise and hustle-bustle we might get overwhelmed. To sit overlooking the sea with it’s elements of mystery and nature, might be the re-set that we need.

When we look out over the seemingly endless ocean, we can’t help but be in a state of awe, and we can’t help but admire the power of the seas. From this can come inspiration, so we can become better people. Couple that with all of the negative ions that you are breathing in, the sound of the waves, the wonderfully salty taste on your lips and the feeling of the wind on your skin, and you have an all round sensory experience.

It is amazing. It is wonderful. It is natural.

And I think ultimately that’s why we didn’t go for this scent in our candle. How could we possibly capture all of this amazing elemental feeling in a candle? Sure we could give it a good go, and we could work closely with our experts in Chinese aromatherapy to blend the finest essential oils and botanicals to create something close, but maybe it’s impossible to capture everything in a candle so it would be destined to fail.

So we say, if you want all of the amazing benefits from being beside the sea, take a trip to the seaside. Clear your mind, be inspired, and come back a more relaxed, more creative, more positive person.

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