Our Lavender Holiday

I wanted today to blog about essential oils, and an experience I had in the South of France a few years ago. Maybe this was the time when I really got switched on to essential oils and their value for us all.

I went on summer holiday to a little self catering cottage to the north of Nice and the reason we chose this was because of the lovely photographs of the house, and of the promise that the nearest neighbour was 100 metres away. This appealed to our sense of privacy! We flew in to Nice airport and we hired a little tiny car. On the journey we, of course, were stunned by the scenery, the smells, and the warmth around us. However it wasn’t until we were on the approach to the village that we realised that we were right in the middle of a vast area of Lavender fields. Indeed it transpired that our cottage was owned by one of the Lavender farmers.

On our arrival we were utterly amazed by our surroundings. Acres upon acres of the most vibrant colour and aroma. Little purple tunnels of fragrance. The whole of the valley was to be the most relaxing place on earth for that two week holiday.

One day early in the week the farmer came to see us. He had no English and we had somewhat limited French. However he was very keen to invite us down to his farm. We went of course, and he treated us to a demonstration of how he extracts Lavender oil from his crop. It was a wonderfully fascinating, if not a little difficult to fully understand, evening and we were so very grateful of his hospitality and kindness.

At Lochrain Candles we work with experts in Chinese aromatherapy to ensure that our candles have a wonderful balance of scents. We only use essential oils and botanicals, and we use the maximum amount we can in our candles. We love the way we felt on our holiday in France, and we’re delighted that so many of our customers have reported that they love our candles.

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