Relaxation and self care

Relaxation and self care. Right now this is SO important. So what can we all do to help ourselves stay mentally fit during this time?

Mental fitness is really closely linked to physical fitness so staying active and eating well is vital to keeping you well at this time. So make sure you are exercising for once a day in line with government guidance, and make sure that you’re eating a well balanced and nutritious diet. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and try to minimise the amount of processed foods you’re consuming. If you’re a smoker, now is an excellent time to break that habit and there are so many online resources to help you stop smoking. Finally try to minimise the amount of alcohol you’re consuming – you may have fallen in to a bit of a habit of consuming more alcohol since the lockdown but now that we’re getting used to things try to bring it back a little.

You need to keep the little grey cells in your mind exercised too. So engaging with stimulating conversation, doing puzzles, reading, and taking part in quizzes will help. Another way to exercise the brain is to learn a new hobby. How about you learn a new language? Or search out that old guitar in the attic?

The other thing you need to do is to relax. Take time for yourself away from your busy lives. Run yourself that bath and add a few extra bubbles. Turn the tv off and put on some nice relaxing music (Piano Massage playlist on Spotify is my favourite for this). Light yourself a Lochrain Scented Candle and let the essential oils sooth and relax you. Light some Lochrain Tealight Candles and allow you to be absorbed in to the glow and the warmth. Give yourself that time to be yourself and to love yourself.

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