Soy wax candles for Christmas? Absolutely!

How’s everything going in the run up to Christmas? Hopefully you’re finding time and space for some selfcare during all of this.

We’ve had some questions through about our wonderful soywax candles, and why you should consider giving a soywax candle from Lochrain Candles this Christmas?

Well, firstly they are safer than paraffin wax. Also we have a range of different options you can choose from our brand new individual candles in 7 different scents, to the top rated Gift Set of candles so we have something that fits your budget. Our products come in a nice box so wrapping will be easy, they’re better for the environment, and of course better for your loved ones.

You know that Lochrain Candles are crafted using the highest quality essential oils and botanicals to ensure you have the most luxurious experience. At Lochrain Candles we work in partnership with our experts in ancient Chinese aromatherapy techniques to produce these candles at the perfect scent level to fill your rooms with therapeutic aroma. There are no artificial synthetic scents in our candles

All of our products are

  • Natural and renewable

  • Soy wax naturally degrades

  • Lasts longer - slow burning

  • No petro-chemical soot

  • Safer - lower melting point

We love hearing from our customer so please stay in touch with us by calling us on 01324 217327 or emailing us.

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