That annoying little bit of wax at the bottom of the candle which never burns…

We thought we’d blog this week about candles in general and that annoying little bit of wax left at the bottom of the candles after it has burned out.

Candle wicks have metal at the bottom of them and by definition this metal does not burn. The point of a wick of course is to pump the flammable material to the top of the wick where the flame is and the tip of the wick burns off in line with the height of the wax pool which in turn keeps the flame balanced. What happens at the very end of the life of the candle is that the wax gets to a point where it is not providing enough molten wax to the flame which in turn makes the wick burn away. Sometimes this means that the wax solidifies above the level of the wick base. This can lead to the impression that it hasn’t burned as much as it could. In reality you wouldn’t want it to burn all the way down because of the heat transferred to the base – with a glass candle holder this can result in shattering, or it could also result in damage to whatever surface you have placed the candle on.

So what can be done with the remaining wax? Well this left over wax if choc full of essential oils and botanicals, so don’t waste it! You can scrape it out, or indeed melt it out and use it on top of your favourite oil burner, or you can place it on a saucer on top of your radiator. I’m sure you could think of other creative applications too, but remember fire safety, and by definition this spare wax is flammable.

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