• dana1101

This Valentine’s, Give the Gift of Scents.

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. With the ongoing pandemic however, you might be thinking that some of the great romantic gestures, like travels or fine dining restaurants, aren’t just feasible at this time… so how else can we make it special? We know one that would make an excellent Valentines gift and cast the romantic spell all over.

There is magic in fragrance. Ever noticed how your favourite person’s scent puts an instant smile on your face? Or how you get reminded of a certain person, time, place, or event just because of a familiar scent? Well okay, it’s not all magic, it’s science, really — the nose knows! Fragrance connects directly to our limbic system which controls our feelings, emotions, and memories. With that powerful influence of scents and fragrances on us, we think scented candles would make a really romantic gift!