Words… they’re pretty useless in communicating the important things in life…

Well that’s a strange statement. What on earth am I talking about today? Well, let’s think about the relative power of normal conversation compared to music, art, poetry. What about visuals like sunsets, tastes like your favourite comfort foods, textures like your favourite pyjamas, and indeed scents like the skilfully blended essential oils used in Lochrain Candles.

Picture this: you’ve had a long and difficult day. Maybe you’re in lockdown and your kids have been lively and energetic all day, which is fantastic, but now it’s time for yourself. What do you do? More than likely you’ll play your favourite tunes, or you’ll have a great bath and ease in to your favourite pyjamas before collecting your oldest teddy bear, spending a bit of time looking at the amazing sunset before climbing in to freshly washed bed sheets, under your fluffy duvet… etc etc. If you already have some of our products then you will have lit some of our candles too.

How do these sensory stimulations actually pass on messages without using words? How do we understand this unwritten language? The unfortunate truth (to anyone who’s looking for definitive answers) is that we don’t really know. But we do know that these messages are understood across nations, across cultures, across ages, across genders, across socio-economic groups and across generations. It’s amazing how a sunset gives people a warm togetherness and gathers people together at viewpoints. High quality essential oil, natural wax candles have the same effect. Music might be the most obvious demonstration of this point – look at any gatherings of like minded individuals at a concert of every style from Classical to Rave – everyone has a common understanding and are enjoying a shared experience.

So we could try to make our blogs wonderfully perfect and descriptive, which the most amazingly chosen language to tell you how great our candles are… or you could buy one of our candles and experience it for yourself. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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