Your Cheap Buys Are Actually More Expensive Than You Think

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

More often than not, our eyes immediately look at price tags when it comes to matters of finding whether a product is cheap or expensive. We like to compare it with other similar offers, which is absolutely the right thing to do! But isn't the price just one factor of many other things to consider?

The idea of convenience is a nice way to put it. We live in the modern world, where we always have to move fast to keep up, so we seek convenience, which leads us to think that getting something faster and at a cheaper price is better... only to discover later on that it is the total opposite!

Let's put it into context. The most common example that explains "Cheap Is Expensive" so well is when one buy a pair of shoes. As with anything in life, there are many options but it always boils down to A) Expensive and B) Cheap but an informed buyer would know what really makes the difference.

They say numbers explain better, let's give it a try. Let's say, for example, somebody, let's call him Alex is buying new shoes. Alex is a practical person, and he often shops for new items only when he needs to. His shoes finally gave up on him after using the same shoes every day for a little over a year so, now he needs a new pair. He's looking at a pair priced at £35, that's of average quality that may serve him for approximately 18 months, so in a month, this costs him about £2. The other pair is priced at £85 that's of high quality that may serve him for approximately 48 months, so it costs him about £1.8 monthly - that's at a lower cost but you might think the difference is so little at first glance, BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!! Compare the lifespan of each pair! This means that you have to buy the "cheaper-priced" shoes 2.5 times more to cover the 48-month service period of the other, so in this context, cheap is expensive, isn't it?

Cheap price is superficial, it appears at a lower cost, yes, but it comes with a higher price, ironic but also cliché, isn't it? If you'll observe closely, this is applicable to anything in life. An easily relatable application of this is when we buy gadgets, somehow, we just automatically understand that we get our money's worth when we buy the high-quality ones despite being expensive. An even better example is in food and health! Fast food makes it so convenient for us plus it's very affordable but in accumulation, it puts our health at risk, and in the unfortunate event that we need medical attention, there come the high hospital bills to pay!

So the next time you find a product expensive or cheaper compared to others, pay attention. If one small homegrown brand or a startup offers products at a more expensive price compared to other big brands offering similar ones, read the product descriptions and find out more about these brands! It could be that they take their product development seriously, observe an ethical work environment, and even support really great causes! Now, that's something really worth comparing, don't you think?

Stay informed, you! Happy shopping!

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