We see so much rush and pressure in the world, and we see that you’re also wanting to make your home look wonderful, relaxing and inviting. We know how frustrating it is that so often you’re disappointed with products you buy which promise wonderful things, but then you realise that they use harmful fossil fuels or aren’t ethically sourced.     


We know how you feel. Because we experience it too.


Take a moment, you've earned it.      


At Lochrain Candles, you can trust our majestic artisan candles, handmade in Scotland, to bring you a moment of pure calm so that you can find yourself centered again. Our quality promise include:      

Authentic Design: Hand-poured by artisans in Scotland, its exclusive design embodies the Scotland heritage.     


High-Quality Build: These candles are supplied in high quality white Meredith type of glass and made of 100% pure soy wax with finest fragrance oils - non-toxic, clean burn and safer to use.     

Premium and elegant packaging: Perfect for gifting or treat for you to enjoy. 


Relax with the 4 Different Premium Scents: Get exactly what you love: Apple Currant Crumble, Chocolate Orange, Cheesecake Crunch and Frangipani and Sparkling Lemon. 


Versatile Use: With its design, you can use it in many occasional purposes: home decor, yoga session, spa, aromatherapy, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother’s & Father’s Days, or other holidays.      


Delight as you discover yourself being carried away to visions of nostalgia and fresh, open-air surrounded by beautiful nature where the wellness of the body, mind, and spirit will find harmony.     


Your happy mind space speaks for what we do. There's nothing more rewarding than knowing how we've helped in making your day better! We want you to be as happy and content as our customers have been with Lochrain Candles. Shop now to get your set of Gourmet Votives and check out the wonderful life stories our customers have shared with us! 

Set of 4 Gourmet Votives